Saturday, June 1, 2013

Sent by Hilary Alan-Review

Sent by Hilary Alan is the story of a middle class suburban family who has everything that is important, in today’s world and gives it up to find so much more.  

Curt and Hilary Alan along with their two children, Jordan and Molly are living the American dream in North Carolina when Curt attends a seminar and their lives are drastically changed.  In 2005, they begin to sell everything they have and began the long journey that will take them to Southeast Asia where the devastating tsunami hit in 2004.  This is a third world country where the Muslim religion is taught and everything that Hilary and her family knew and believed was being questioned by them once they became emerged with a culture that doesn’t favor the things that Westerners do.

Hilary Alan provides a story that is easy to follow and shares with us the feelings that she and her family went through as their lives were intertwined with people like Lee, Natalie, and Adele, among others that were put in their lives to help them and be a witness to them.  Americans are not the only ones that can be an influence to others.  I strongly believe that there are people that can be a big witness to us.  Remember a witness is someone who shows us daily what life is all about.  

It is good to hear about the struggles that Hilary and her family had, and I’m sure still are having, in coming back to the USA and the changes that are taking place within their selves .   I’m not glad they had major issues but I have a friend that has been in a third world country and I’m still seeing struggles that she is having to be with the friends and the country that is her second home. 

I found this book to be very moving and inspiring. I laughed, smiled and cried while reading it.  God calls us each to be the light in the darkness in many different ways.  I have been on many mission trips that when I come home I long for the people that I had the privilege to get to know but I don’t think that I’m called to go and live among them, at least not right now.  God put them in my path for a reason.  I’m just glad for many avenues in this modern world that we can stay in touch.

I have already bought several books to give to people that I know and also for our church library.

Watherbrook Multnomah Publishers has provided me a complimentary copy of this book for review purposes.  

To get a copy of this wonderful you may go to DeepShopping and order this book today.

More about Hilary Alan
Hilary is a former public relations professional, is a wife and mother of two children. Hilary and her family moved to Southeast Asia in the aftermath of a tsunami that destroyed villages, homes, businesses, and hundreds of thousands of lives. Today, the Alans continue to advance the work of Christ internationally in their involvement with a church in North Carolina as they prepare for another overseas assignment.

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