Friday, June 7, 2013

Appleseed Creek Mystery Series - Review


Chloe Hunphry is new to Appleseed Creek where she becomes the director of technology services at the local university.  She soom gets involved with Becky and Timothy, a brother and sister who are ex-Amish.  Becky is accused of murder and Chloe and Timothy investigates on their own to help solve this mystery.  As the mystery deepens what will they discover about the people they know and their small community?

Amanda Flowers is a new author for me and I'm going to keep my eye on her.  Her writing has intrique, twists and turns just what a good mystery is made of.

Thank you to B&H and NetGalley for allowing me to review and give my own comments to this book.


What happens when Amish women's hair show up being cut and men's beards are whacked off? Sounds like another mystery for Chloe Humphrey. If you want a book that is filled with mystery and suspense then Amanda Flower's second book in her Appleseed Creek Mystery series is the book that you should read.

This was given to me as an ebook by NetGalley to read in exchange for a a true review in my own words.

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