Thursday, May 16, 2013

A Joyful Break by Diane Craver-Review

I've found a new author to read. Thank you Diane Craver for this wonderful book. A Joyful Break is not just a love story, but a story of a young Amish women, Rachel, who has so much going on in her life that she feels overwhelmed with it all. Her mother passed away over a year ago, from when the story started, so she has been everything to her family, although since her father is in his own grief he is not aware of this. She is to be married to Samuel, which she has been courting for two years, but since she has not joined the Amish church she has decided to get away and reflect on her life. Her aunt and cousin has invited her to the beach, in the secular world, and she decides to go in hopes of having time to reflect on many things. In the secular world she does clear her head and really sees things in a different view.  But will it be what is best for Rachel?

Diane Craver shows us that whatever world that we are in, things do happen. Sometimes we have to just take a step back and learn from them. Hope to hear more from this author.

More about Diane Craver

As the youngest in the family, growing up on a farm in Findlay, Ohio, Diane often acted out characters from her own stories in the backyard. In high school she was the student sitting in class with a novel hidden in front of her propped up textbook. Before starting on her writing career, Diane was a schoolteacher and play director.

She met her husband while teaching at an orphanage, and they married three years later. While raising their six children in southwestern Ohio, Diane started writing non-fiction. Later, she decided it would be a nice escape to write fiction plus keep sane with a full and noisy household.  For more of this talented author visit her website at Diane Craver

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