Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Blessed Woman - Review

Can you still learn from the women of the Bible?  Do women from so long ago still have the answers to help you along?  I think they do.

The Blessed Woman: Learning About Grace from the Women of the Bible by Debbie Morris has so many amazing women from the Bible that you can learn from.  Women like Mary, Rebakah, Eve, Jael, and others all shows you how they loved and learned from others.  We are truly blessed and this book teaches you why. 

There is nothing better than having a friend go along side with in life and being able to learn from, cry with and relate to them.  It is something every woman needs and longs for.  This was a book that held so much truth in it-from the first page until the very last page.    The study guide in the back of the book includes discussion questions and it can be used as a 12-week mini Bible study. 

I received a copy of The Blessed Woman from the Waterbrook Multhomah Blogging for Books program, and these are my thoughts on the book.

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