Sunday, August 4, 2013

Never Let Go - Review

There are just some books that you read that makes you say WOW! Never Let Go by Mac and Mary Owen is one of them. 

When I was sent this book I read the first page and did not want to read any more.  It was about something called Celebrate Recovery and since I have not ever needed anything like that, why would I read a book about someone who did?  But, if I put the book at that point I would have missed out on a blessing.

The hurt and pain of their story kept me in tears often.  From giving up a son to hearing your child at the foot of your bed asking, “Why, Mommy?”.   There were also many times that I smiled and always was I rooting for Mac and Mary.  But the joy of being in the place where God can help put pieces back together is something that is amazing.   We all have our hang-ups, not always as visible, but always in need of Christ and his all sufficient grace.

I grew up in the same era and not three hundred miles from where this book took place, but I did not have the struggles and hardships as Mac and Mary.   Sometimes, no, a lot of times I keep my head buried in the sand and since it doesn’t affect me I don’t try and deal with it.   I will pray for this wonderful couple and their ministry.  I hope to hear more of them.  I can’t wait to see where God is leading this fantastic couple.
Thank you Fred and bookfun for allowing me to read this story.
More about Mac and Mary Owen
Mary and Mac Owen are leaders in Celebrate Recovery and have been working together in recovery for over 25 years. They have shared their testimony 120 times in the past 4 years to over 48,000 people (in church, Celebrate Recovery seminars & meetings, rehabs, prisons, and festivals). They are sought-after speakers since sharing their testimony at Saddleback Church to 3,600 leaders from around the world.
They have been married since 1976 and have three children ages 38, 34 & 29 years old and eight grandchildren ranging in ages from 12 to 2 years old. In 2012 they decided to sell their house in West Monroe and have it turned into a recovery house for addicts. They moved to Colorado where two of their children’s families live.

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