Thursday, July 18, 2013

Waiting for a View - Review

You have to love small town wit and humor.  That is what you get with Debby Mayne’s Waiting for a View.  Waiting for a View is the first book of a wonderful new series by different authors set in the fictional town of Bloomfield. 
Can you change the way you have always done things and find new life?  That’s just what happened to Sherry Butler, the vice president of Bloomfield’s garden club and the manager of the local card shop in town.
She still lives in the home that she grew up in.  Simply, she was stuck in a rut.  Until the day a comment was made that changed her whole life.  Along with the help of several “quickie” friends that feels as if they know best. Take a chance by reading this wonderful lighthearted story.  I think you’ll enjoy it.   It’s funny and thought provoking also.
Brad Henderson is an old friend who is always there when Sherry needs him.   Will she wake up before Brad moves on?
B & H Publishing has put this book on iTunes.  Thank you to b & H Publishing through NetGalley for an honest and fair review. 
Catch the life of other Bloomfield townspeople over the next few months by some of your favorite authors:  Gail Sattler, Kathi Macias, Martha Rogers, Trish Perry, Jenness  Walker, Tracy Bowen, and Miralee Ferrell.
More about Debby Mayne
Author and speaker Debby Mayne grew up in a military family, which meant moving every few years throughout her childhood. Debby was born in Alaska, and she has lived in Mississippi, Tennessee, Oregon, Florida, Hawaii, and Japan. Her comfort foods are as diverse as her interests. You might find her eating sushi while reading a cozy mystery novel or fried catfish while watching a Tampa Bay Buccaneers football game.

Her husband of more than 30 years has accepted the fact that outside of her faith and family, books are the most important thing in her life. She and Wally have two grown daughters, Lauren and Alison, two sons-in-law, Jason and Ryan, and two granddaughters.

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