Sunday, July 14, 2013

My Life as a Bush - Review

Loved how John told his story as an impersonator of George Bush and paralleled it to knowing Christ. This book could be given to a person and it would not be too preachy, but yet it tells it like it is. Would you stand up for something you believe in when its time to take sides?

Thank you Creation House for allowing me to read this book and thank you to the Book Club exchange for giving me this opportunity to give a fair and honest review.

More about John Morgan

His own journey from brokenness to redemption is no less dramatic than Dubya’s own rise to the highest office in the land. As a model church-going teenager. Morgan wore a convincing fa├žade on Sundays, but his mask hid a dark side characterized by alcohol, drugs, and lust until he was powerfully liberated through the truth of the gospel in his early twenties. Now he travels the country as an impersonator, bringing joy and inspiration to millions of astonished people who might otherwise never have an audience with the “president.” 

Discovered at a Bush for President rally in 2004, Morgan suddenly went from selling appliances to performing at arenas all across America, appearing live before tens of thousands on Sean Hannity/Oliver North’s Freedom Concerts and before hundreds of thousands on the WinterJam Tour Spectacular, where he amazed audiences with his guitar playing and singing. Millions more have seen him on Headline News, Hannity & Combs, E! Entertainment Network, ABC’s The View, and Family Feud.

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