Thursday, September 12, 2013

Winter in Full Bloom - Review

Winter in Full Bloom by Anita Higman is a story about how Lily Winter learns to let go of her fears and hurts and experiences living.

Lily is bored with her life now that her daughter has left and she becomes an empty nester.  But boredom is not what she finds when she visits her mother and learns of a deep dark secret that eventually leads Lily to Austria.  In Austria she finds her sister Camille and falls in love with Marcus.

You will fall in love with the characters and laugh and cry with them.  I could imagine each and every place that was mentioned it this book.

I have read several of Anita Higman’s book and I love her writing style, whether it be in her non-fiction as well as her fiction books. 

This book was given to me by the author and The Book Club Network for an honest review.  I highly recommend this book.

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